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ByAnnie Double Zip Gear Bag 2.0 Pattern
ByAnnie Open Wide 2.0 Pattern
ByAnnie Sidekick Organizer Pattern, 2 sizes!ByAnnie Sidekick Organizer Pattern, 2 sizes!
Changing Station 2.0 PatternChanging Station 2.0 Pattern
Backseat Babysitter 2.0 PatternBackseat Babysitter 2.0 Pattern
ByAnnie Just In Case PatternByAnnie Just In Case Pattern
By Annie Hang In There pattern!By Annie Hang In There pattern!
ByAnnie Round Trip Duffle PatternByAnnie Round Trip Duffle Pattern
ByAnnie Stash and Dash PatternByAnnie Stash and Dash Pattern
ByAnnie In Control Caddy Pattern
ByAnnie Divide & Conquer Pattern
ByAnnie In the Mix Pattern
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ByAnnie In the Mix Pattern
ByAnnie Travel Duffle Bag II Pattern
MJ's Messenger Bag Pattern *Optional Hardware Kit*
ByAnnie Nesting Baskets Pattern
ByAnnie Thread Dispenser and Sewing Case II Pattern
ByAnnie, Fetch Your Sketch Pattern

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